Ruang Lingkup Perbandingan Pemerintahan

Penulis: Naldo Helmys*

Setiap negara memiliki kepala pemerintahan. Di Indonesia, kepala pemerintahan dijabat oleh seorang presiden. Di negara lain, kekuasaan ini bisa dipegang oleh seorang perdana menteri seperti di Malaysia atau kanselir di Jerman. Bentuknya boleh berbeda-beda, tetapi, intinya, pemerintahan di dalam sebuah negara mengurus berbagai urusan negara dan masyarakat. Pemerintahan menentukan bagaimana sebuah negara dijalankan. Oleh karena bentuknya yang sangat beragam, timbulah dorongan untuk mempelajari berbagai pemerintahan di dunia ini lewat studi perbandingan pemerintahan. Tulisan ini akan membahas apa itu pemerintahan, perbandingan pemerintahan, dan ruang lingkup perbandingan pemerintahan.

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The Essence of Politics You Should Know

Political Debate Essence of Politics
Author: Naldo Helmys*

If everyone could get what they want, there would be no politics. Then, what politics is? While this article does not provide rigid definition, here is the essence of politics you might want to know.

We live in an unequally limited world. Mostly people cannot get what they want, purchase expensive things, control natural resources, decide injustice regulation, or obtain privilege. However, about top 1% population get unmatched access not only for basic needs, but also luxurious things. Common folks accept that inequality, but the rest do not want to rest. They strive for public goods to be accessible properly, power and authority to be controlled and supervised, resources and wealth to be distributed equally, and law to be implemented justly. Some political movements endeavour to actualize human rights so that marginal and minor groups are able to live as free as noble or royal family.

However, there is only imperfect world. Human being exists with problem and difficulties. We, Homo sapiens, are the only creature that had created two world wars, besides there is no end of violent conflicts throughout history. We contribute to pollute environment thanks to transportation, food, and home energy use. Even historian Jared Diamond accuses prehistoric human of doing huge mammal extinction in America and Australia before 9000 B.C. Besides, for the sake of country, religion, tribe, or other identities, we kill each other.

Then, how to strive a common good life? Who will rule? Who will be ruled? What kind of legitimacy should authorities bear to govern societies? Those are common examples of political problem, and here is the essential aspect of politics you should know.

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